Boston Bobby Jones

    ‘Boston’ Bobby Jones

    “The BIG Drive Home”

    Afternoons from 3 PM- 8 PM

    Hi, I’m Bobby Jones, Born and Raised in Boston. With that said …GO Pats, Celts, Sox and Bruins!!!!!. My father and mother met at Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts, where my dad studied to be a pastor. I was raised in the church parsonage, grew up on the true OLD SCHOOL church hymns. I didn’t get a change to hear the classic hits too much at home, but when I was at the babysitters, it was on. I remember Bad Bad Leroy Brown and The Beatles. My parents realized I was interested in other types of music, so they bought me my first turntable! I have worked with “New Kids On The Block” and other acts as a DJ and found my wife through being a DJ at Parties. I love Albuquerque for the weather, friendly people and of course Green Chile.

    Best Concert ever would have to be Prince!

    Favorite Big 98.5 artists are Foreigner and Journey! 

    My Hero? My Dad!

    Words of Wisdom… The grass in NOT greener on the other-side. It’s only greener where you water it!