Avengers: End Game tickets went on sale this week with most opening night showings being sold out across the country! In fact some folks on Ebay are selling their tickets for $10,000! Look I’m a fan but that seems to be a bit…MUCH.

Also released this week, The all new trailer for DC Comics The Joker, starring Juaquin Phoenix. Sure, there are a lot of people excited for this film, but I have to admit… It’s just not hitting me as a MUST SEE.


I’m not usually shocked by entertainment news. Especially when it comes to Disney… When they make a unilateral decision they STICK TO IT.  So, Disney’s reversal on James Gunn is a huge surprise. But lets be honest. James Gunn has behaved like a model citizen here. He admitted that what he said was stupid and misguided and has never bad mouthed Disney for their decision to fire him. This is why you NEVER BURN BRIDGES WHEN LEAVING A JOB!

Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect

Haircut 100Love Plus OneTom Tom ClubGenius Of Love

It finally happened! Disney Parks has officially announced the opening day of STAR WARS: Galaxy’s Edge… Or as the rest of us call it STAR WARS LAND. Disneyland will see their version open first on May 31st 2019. While Walt Disney Worlds version at Hollywood Studios park will open on August 29th. It has also been revealed that only one of the two rides that anchor the land will not be operational on opening day. RISE OF THE RESISTANCE is expected to be operational later in the summer.

AND… If I have said it once, I’m still gonna say it a million more times… If you’re a Star Trek fan and you are not watching The Orville on FOX you are missing one of the best Science Fiction series of the past 30 years. Yeah, I said it. It ranks right up there with Star Trek: The Next Generation as an innovative example of how good Sci-Fi can actually be. The characters are deep, lovable and actually interesting. The stories are thought provoking and relate-able and above all, this is a Sci-Fi show that is actually funny. Take it from Duke, WATCH THE ORVILLE!

YazOnly You

XTCSenses Working Overtime

Split EnzI Got You

For me the biggest news was about GALAXIES EDGE… Better known as Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland. I will try not to talk your ear off about it.

Tonight we pay tribute to Mark Hollis of Talk Talk who passed away this week at the age of 64. The story behind the video for the bands hit It’s My Life is a perfect example of how Hollis was a reluctant pop star. In the original video Hollis is only seen staring at the camera. The band’s record label ordered a new video…

…The end result is a laughable replacement where an obviously irritated Hollis must lip-synch when he really doesn’t want to.

As promised, Jack Black miming the Talking Heads classic Psycho Killer!

R.E.M.Radio Free Europe

On February 19th we had that wild and intense snow storm that lead to a lot of chaos during the Tuesday morning commute. I was involved in what might be described as a solo-car accident. No one else was involved (Thank Goodness). It was just me, my truck and the curb! Be careful out there!

Violent FemmesGone Daddy Gone

Men Without HatsSafety Dance

Siouxsie And The BansheesPeek-A-Boo


New Trailer for YESTERDAY dropped this week. I have to say, this is a movie I had no idea I needed. Every childhood memory of mine is filled with the music of the Beatles. This is going to be a beautiful way to bring the music of the FAB FOUR to another generation. I can’t wait.

The countdown to the December 20th theatrical release of Star Wars Episode 9 is officially on.Principal photography for the final film of the final Skywalker trilogy has wrapped filming.

Click image for the full story from Star Wars.com


The SpecialsVote For Me

This week we play a classic cut from The Specials but we chat about their all-new album Encore, which is the bands first album of original material in 20 years,and the first album featuring The Specials classic line up in nearly 40 years!

Big CountryIn A Big Country


My favorite TV show right now is The Orville. Think STAR TREK with the sense of humor of FAMILY GUY but on it’s best behavior. Catch it Thursday’s on FOX, or streaming on HULU.

Steve Bronski, Keyboardist and namesake for BRONSKI BEAT celebrated his 59th Birthday on February 7th.

Ebn Ozn – AEIOU Sometimes Y

And on the list of things you didn’t know you needed in your life…

Here is The Muppets covering the Talking Heads song Once In A Lifetime.