Santa Chaz is Coming to Town! From Cottonwood Mall!

Listen every weekday morning to Chaz Malibu for your chance to twin a “Santa Sack” filled with goodies from Cottonwood Mall and Big 98.5! Go to Cottonwood Mall now through Christmas Eve! Click here for Cottonwood Mall details.

Have you been naughty or nice? Every winner is entered to win a Gourmia 4-Quart Digital Air Fryer available at Walmart. Here is what’s in Chaz’s Bag of Holiday Goodies……..

“SOUTHERN FRIED SASS” cook book filled with holiday recopies and more.

Two selections of National Geographic Kids Books perfect for holiday gifts.

Mannheim Steamroller’s Famous Cinnamon Christmas Hot Chocolate and Holiday Classics CD.

A copy of the new movie “Daddy Daughter Trip” on DVD

$50.00 gift card to use at Cottonwood Mall